Convert a List to a Comma-Separated String in Python

By James L.


To convert a list to a comma-separated string, we can use the join() method. This method concatenates the elements of an iterable (such as a list, tuple, or string) into a single string using a specified separator.

The syntax for the join() method is as follows:


To convert a list to a comma-separated string, we can call the join() method on the separator ", " and pass the list as the argument.

Here is an example:

my_list = ["apple", "banana", "mango"]

comma_separated_str = ", ".join(my_list)

print(comma_separated_str)  # Output  apple, banana, mango

In the above example, I used a comma and a space ", " as the separator. However, you can use any character as a separator. Additionally, the iterable passed to the join() method doesn’t have to be a list. It can be any iterable object such as a tuple, string, or dictionary.

If the list contains non-string elements (such as integers, or floats), we will need to convert them to strings before calling the join() method. We can do this using a list comprehension or the map function.

Here is an example:

my_list = ["MrBeast", 6000, 1.91]

# Using map

comma_separated_str = ", ".join(map(str, my_list))

print(comma_separated_str)  # Output MrBeast, 6000, 1.91

# Using list comprehension

comma_separated_str2 = ", ".join([str(x) for x in my_list])

print(comma_separated_str2)  # Output MrBeast, 6000, 1.91